Английский язык

Тест Английский язык 2 класс.

1. Укажите лишнее слово

А. eleven;
Б. too;
В. nine;
Г. twelve.

2. Укажите верный вариант. Where _______Anna live?

А. is;
Б. have;
В. does;
Г. are.

3. Укажите верный вариант перевода «в коробке»

А. in the box;
Б. on the box;
В. under the box;
Г. next to the box.

Тест Английский язык 3 класс.

1. Укажите неверный вариант.

А. an umbrella;
Б. a hour;
В. an apple;
Г. a house.

2. Укажите верный ответ. Is this a camera?

А. Yes, this is.
Б. No, those isn’t.
В. Yes, these are.
Г. No, it isn’t.

3. Найдите ошибку

А. sheep;
Б. children;
В. mouses;
Г. men.

Тест Английский язык 4 класс.

1. He decided to______ his new belt but he doesn’t know _____he put it.

А. wear / where;
Б. where / wear;
В. wear / were;
Г. ware / whear.

2. What is ____ largest city in ____ world?

А. the / the;
Б. a / the;
В. --- /a;
Г. a /---

3. He's got a very good ________for music.

А. eye;
Б. ear;
В. nose;
Г. mouth.

Тест Английский язык 5 класс.

1. My father is ____ fireman. He drives ___ big red fire engine.

А. a / a;
Б. the / the;
В. the / a;
Г. a / the.

2. I _____ half an hour ago and _____ breakfast at the moment.

А. wake up / having;
Б. woken up / have;
В. woke up / am having;
Г. waken up / had.

3. John was tired, so he _____ to bed early.

А. go;
Б. goes;
В. gone;
Г. went.

Тест Английский язык 6 класс.

1. Put on your coat or you __________ a cold.

А. be catching;
Б. have caught;
В. will catch;
Г. is catching.

2. Укажите верный вопрос к ответу: No, I was 5 minutes early.

А. Were you late for school today?
Б. Why you late for school today?
В. Was you late for school today?
Г. Have you late for school today?

3. Укажите неверный вариант

А. at school;
Б. at 20, Oxford Street;
В. at hospital;
Г. at home.

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